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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taste Testing the $100k Burger

My son brought to my attention as soon as I returned from Europe a woman who won $100k for a recipe for a burger. It took her 8 years to perfect the recipe and he and I were both intrigued over the burger looked yummy and sounded even yummier.

After scanning the recipe to see the list of ingredients and steps involved what else was there to do but make the burger and try it ourselves. I do warn you that this is a labor intensive recipe and I applaud the women for such dedication to finding the perfect recipe and even more that she would share it with us.

Here is our version

And here is the link to the article if you'd like to try it for yourself what-does-a--100-000-burger-taste-like

The end result was tasty but we felt like it was lacking a bit of a sauce. I don't know if it was that we didn't add enough aioli to our buns or if a nice drizzle over the entire burger would have been better option. The bottom line since we are mere home chefs is if this burger was served in a restaurant we would definitely have a favorite. The fried watercress with shallots is a great addition and of course the Thai themed flavors adds a nice twist to an old favorite.


  1. It looks pretty good, but don't know if any burger is worth that much! (lol)
    I thought the $50 burger from a local casino restaurant around here sounded a little crazy, too!